Sandylands Today                                    by Erica Jayes


I first met Gwen Broadley when she married Frank Truslove and came to live at Lower Shuckburgh almost 50 years ago. Frank was Allan Taylor’s uncle and Allan and I were best friends. We both loved dogs and soon became regular visitors to the Sandylands kennel. Although Gwen was over 50 years old by this time she did not seem old to us because she was so modern in her outlook and had so much energy; she was always doing something and always planning for the future of her kennel.

Allan and I were soon helping out with the dogs and doing chores around the place and, although I did not realise it at the time, I was absorbing the kennel routine, her animal husbandry and Gwen’s approach to dogs and the show scene in general.  Later, as Gwen became less active and was no longer able to work around the kennel, I took over many of the daily tasks, yet it never occurred for one moment to alter anything. Right down to the present day, the whole kennel routine, even to the way we feed the dogs, exercise them, receive visiting bitches and their owners is based on Gwen’s example. I am very keen to maintain this continuity at Sandylands as it enters its 80 years as a kennel. Gwen is no longer with us and I miss her and her wise advice so very much, but the kennel and the way she ran it continues and this will be the case as long as I have anything to do with it. I cannot begin to explain how much I owe to her.

Before she died, Gwen made it clear that she would like Sandylands to continue after her time. A new three way partnership was formed between myself and Mr & Mrs Anthony and it was decided to move the kennel to Napton Fields Farm, a short distance from old Sandylands. The kennels were housed inside the farm buildings with inside and outside runs offering comfortable conditions for the dogs all year round. The fields were all double fenced to allow the dogs free exercise and there was the added benefit of two large ponds for the dogs to swim or play in.

Due to circumstances outside our control situations changed, and in order to keep the Sandylands dogs together suffice to say the Sandylands kennel moved on 15th October 2010, again a short distance, to Greystones, a former boarding kennel & cattery.

A great deal of work has already been done at Greystones primarily for the dogs and we are very pleased to say the dogs seem to love their new home. Once again we have the facilities to keep quite a large kennel of dogs although we aim as always to keep the number down so that each dog can have individual attention.




After Gwen's death and during our time at Napton Fields Farm we continued to be successful in the show ring. Ch. Sandylands My Guy and his son Sh.Ch. Sandylands Gad-About were made up during Gwen's lifetime. Both proved to be important stud dogs with Gad-About producing top winners at home and overseas. For the kennel Gad-About later produced the neat yellow bitch Sh. Ch. Goldfinch of Sandylands. Sh.Ch. Sandylands Lovebug was bred by Gwen and Mr Anthony and gained her title shortly before Gwen's death. Gwen saw Sh.Ch. Tapeatom Ginantonic as a puppy before she came to the kennel from Betty Howard, and in the opinion of many respected judges she proved to be as good as any of the top Labradors taken to their title at Sandylands over the years. Ginantonic won a Gundog Group 40 years after Gwen won the group at the very same show. Gad-About's yellow son Sh.Ch. Tapeatom Gadding Around at Sandylands took his title very easily whilst the black male Sh.Ch. Rockabee Blue Peter Of Sandylands was a little slower to make a champion. Mrs Hopkinson of the Rocheby kennel mated Sh.Ch. Rocheby Powder Blue to Gadding Around. from that litter Sandylands came to own Rocheby Purple Shades at Sandylands who in 2010 proved to be the TOP BROOD BITCH OF ALL TIME. Mated to Sh.Ch. Rocheby Whisky Mac she produced the yellow brother and sister Sh.Ch. Sandylands Wait and See and Sh.Ch. Sandylands Wait Awhile. In a later litter by Sh.Ch. Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands she produced three black champions Sh.Ch. Sandylands Pressed for Time, his brother Sh.Ch. Sandylands Perfect Chance and his sister Sh.Ch. Sandylands Pandora who was owned and handled by my lifetime friend Allan Taylor. Pressed for Time and Pandora DID THE DOUBLE AT CRUFTS 2009 taking both the dog and the bitch CCs with Pressed for Time going Best of Breed. Sh.Ch. Sandylands Wait Awhile was mated to Sandylands Gentle Touch at Lembas, owned by Mr and Mrs Mills to produce the black bitch Sh.Ch. Sandylands Tread Softly who gained her title in 2010, shortly before Sh.Ch. Sandylands Perfect Chance became THE KENNEL'S 90TH UK CHAMPION.

New Kennels 2010

The Kennels at Greystones

All these dogs go back to the original Sandylands born in 1929, Juno and Jerry. I am very proud of this unbroken line back through the generations and continue to try to maintain this link with the original dogs. However, from time to time, outside blood has to be introduced into Sandylands which was the case when Mrs Hopkinson kindly let me have Rocheby Purple Shades at Sandylands. Sandylands Gratitude, litter sister to Gad-About was taken to Mr and Mrs Palmer's Jayncourt Star Striker who had some older Sandylands blood close up in his pedigree. For me they produced Sandylands Star Shine, the mother of Sandylands Gentle Touch at Lembas and thus the grandmother of our Sh.Ch. Sandylands Tread Softly. It is my intention to integrate these fresh lines into our Sandylands breeding programme so that, hopefully, I can maintain the type and quality in the dogs that has long been associated with Sandylands. I am following the example that Gwen set on a number of occasions over the years, bringing in new blood and then incorporating it into our existing lines.

Ginantonic Blackpool

Sh Ch Tapeatom Ginantonic At Sandylands

winning her 14CC

at the Three Ridings LRC under judge Mr Moray Armstrong and  BIS under Referee Mrs M Rooth

3Ridings_Wait&See 3Ridings_Waitawhile
Sh Ch Sandylands Wait And See
Sh Ch Sandylands Wait Awhile
Sh Ch Rocheby Whisky Mac X Rocheby Purple Shades At Sandylands

Doing the Double - Winning both CCs at the Three Ridings Championship Show 2006

Undoubtedly Gwen's partnership with Mr Anthony allowed the kennel to flourish and enabled Gwen to produce the strength within the Sandylands lines. My partnership with Mr and Mrs Anthony was a very happy period and at a time when our lines had converged it enabled me to continue the policies of the kennel and fortunately to continue its success in the show ring. It was Mr and Mrs Anthony who facilitated our move to Napton Fields farm, but it was Mrs Anthony who always came in, took her coat off and sat on the floor waiting for me to bring in a dog or some puppies and I miss her almost as much as I miss Gwen - they were two very wonderful people that I have had the privilege to have known.

I try to follow Gwen’s example in having the health and welfare of the dogs as a major priority. Good temperament is very important and the kennel has all its adults tested for hip and eyes.

In the time since Gwen's death in February 1999, the Sandylands Labradors have been very successful in the show ring and since then to date (July 2011) have made up 11 Show Champions, won 41 Challenge Certificates, 29 with Best of Breed, 33 Reserve Challenge Certificates, one Gundog Group 1, one Gundog Group 3 and two Gundog Group 4s and at present is the home of 8 Champions. Along with that we have achieved the double at Crufts with litter brother and sister and become very proud owners of the top brood bitch of all time.

We are proud of these wins, achieved with 9 different dogs and hope also that Gwen would be proud of the continued success of her kennel.



L to R:

Sh.Ch.Tapeatom Ginantonic at Sandylands, Sh.Ch.Sandylands Love Bug, Sh.Ch.Sandylands Gad-About, Sh.Ch.Sandylands Gracia, Sh.Ch.Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands &Sh.Ch.Tapeatom Gadding Around at Sandylands.


Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-About
Sh Ch Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands
Sh Ch Sandylands Pressed for Time


black puppy bitch

In training at just 5 weeks old

Sandylands Gentle Touch at Lembas

X Sh Ch Sandylands Wait Awhile

This puppy is now

Sh Ch Sandylands Tread Softly









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